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Here’s a great example: NBK Capital SmartWealth, which is under the National Bank of Kuwait’s corporate umbrella. This company helps people achieve their financial goals with personalized, multi-asset portfolios that succeed over the long term.

What makes NBK Capital SmartWealth stand out is its innovative technological approaches. This brand offers a sophisticated robo-advisor, the first such financial service in Kuwait where customers can track their portfolios via its website and mobile app.

As it turned out, Bowaba and NBK Capital SmartWealth made a dream pairing.

NBK Capital SmartWealth and Bowaba Team Up

It makes sense that a forward-thinking financial organization would want a forward-thinking digital marketing agency. Thus, NBK Capital SmartWealth selected Bowaba to handle its integrated omnichannel marketing campaign.

Our digital marketing for banks starts with research — and lots of it. In this case, we studied NBK Capital SmartWealth’s competitors to really understand the industry. Then we analyzed the company’s audience personas. We assembled our strategies for customer acquisition, SEO, display ads and content mapping based on those all-important personas.

We also provided NBK Capital SmartWealth with key performance indicators (KPIs). That way, at any time, its team members can measure how well they’re doing. It’s part of our commitment to transparency. Once NBK Capital SmartWealth approved these strategies, along with all associated online materials, our plan went into effect. All of our Google Display Network ads, Instagram and Facebook content, LinkedIn ads and so forth went live.

As time goes on, we’ll track NBK Capital SmartWealth’s results, improving engagement, reviewing previous work and making alterations as needed. That way, it can always enjoy the highest conversion rates possible.

In short, just as NBK Capital SmartWealth lets its customers reach their financial goals, Bowaba’s performance marketing lets this organization reach its marketing goals. And we’ve been assisting many other leading online stores and apps in Kuwait. If you’d like to reach your own digital marketing objectives, please contact Bowaba for a free quote.

NBK Capital Smart Wealth website: https://nbkcapitalsmartwealth.com
NBK Capital iOS app : https://itunes.apple.com/lb/app/nbk-capital-smartwealth/id1335956057?mt=8
NBK Android app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=neo.nbkc.smartwealth

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