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On Jaber Al-Mubarak Street in Kuwait City, you’ll find Lunch Room, one of Kuwait’s top culinary attractions. Under the leadership of Chef Ahmad Al-Bader, a graduate of the es-teemed Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, this restaurant’s staff carefully selects ingredients from local suppliers. And Lunch Room even grows some of its own food.

Recently, Lunch Room asked Bowaba to devise a marketing campaign with four main components: video content creation, content mapping strategy, content acquisition strate-gy and blogger outreach.

Bowaba delivered on all of these fronts. Our content marketing agency clearly increased this restaurant’s engagement and awareness, which in turn brought incrementally higher footfall and Carriage orders. As it turns out, success was on the menu.

A Tasty Assignment

The first step in creating this campaign was getting to know the client thoroughly. Fortu-nately, with Lunch Room restaurant in Kuwait, that proved to be a delicious task.

The recipes at Lunch Room are homespun, yet they’re sophisticated and prepared with flair. And, when you go there, save room for babka!

This eatery’s atmosphere, meanwhile, celebrates the land and its harvests. Natural mate-rials, including hardwood floors, abound. Vertical gardens and baskets of fruit adorn the walls. It’s a green, growing, alive space, and it welcomes you as soon as you step through the door.


A Full-Flavored Campaign

After studying Lunch Room, its competitors and the field of fine dining more broadly, we began putting our plan together.

A key element was Instagram photography and videography — expert video content in particular. With the right posts, this platform can powerfully persuade people.

Our videos depict this restaurant’s amazing ambiance from various angles. Quick editing cuts, dishes shot at close range, cool music and clever captions (“dinner is the new lunch,” for instance) establish Lunch Room as a chic, classy hangout with tantalizing food. And one of these videos promotes its Ramadan dinner menu.

Another aspect of this strategy was drawing up a social media calendar. That calendar tells us the optimal times for posting new photos, videos and Instagram stories.

Blogger outreach was also important. Over the years, Bowaba has cultivated professional relationships with multiple foodie bloggers. We reached out to those influential friends, encouraging them to increase their Lunch Room coverage. Doing so grew the restaurant’s level of awareness and social media reach.

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