Analytics consultation and implementation to measure online campaign performance for online platform that allows to view, compare and con-tact elevator companies directly.

Bowaba has more than a decade of experience in web analytics, starting in 2009.

Our client, has an online service called Asansair, which is a platform that supports users viewing, comparing and contacting elevator companies directly. The goal of Asansair is to simplify the process of making elevator and lift purchase decisions. Companies previously needed to put in a lot of resources to learn about their elevator options and research the right fit for their building. By connecting customers with manufacturers, suppliers and agents, Asansair improves the lives of people with mobility barriers.

How did we do it?

Bowaba set up Google Analytics and set up conversion tags and events integration via the Google Tag Manager. This approach resulted in business and performance-driven cam-paign dashboards that are under one roof. The improved clarity helped Asansair increase its ROI.

By customizing Google Analytics to meet the specific needs of this client, it became easier to set up conversion tracking goals and the funnel. Bowaba provided consultancy and ad-visory services that cover web and mobile-based stores and services.

They’re able to paint a full picture of Asansair’s online performance and help the online platform turn insights into action. Today’s online companies need to do more than set up a website and post the odd picture here or there. They need to optimize their operations through a deep understanding of web analytics. Asansair now has the web analytics foundation to build on for data-driven decision making and improving operations over time.

The client can refer to the data whenever they need to look for the content that’s per-forming well in their digital marketing campaigns. The conversion-focused campaigns drive better performance and ideally lead to an increased lifetime value for the client.

Interested in help with your web and mobile analytics configuration and digital marketing strategy? Bowaba drives results for leading online stores and apps in Kuwait. The company offers Google Analytics, Firebase, Facebook Analytics Integration and more technolo-gies. Request a free quote today to get started.

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